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16.5 x 24 cm
160 pages in duotone
Softcover with flaps
ISBN : 9782848410135
Published in November 2009, in stock
18 €

Un roman graphique

by Eric Drooker

Build up in three parts, Flood! relates the last days of a depressed city.

In Home, the first chapter, a workman just lost his job. This is the beginning of a highway to hell.

In L, our hopeless man goes into the depths of the city. During this Jungian immersion in the subway, he will travel through memories, crimes and myths.

The last chapter, Flood!, gives its title to the book. The protagonist surfaces just when the city is about to be inundated –or cleaned?– by floods. Feed by his ancestral experiences, he uses blue colours to paint the future of the city.

Entirely made with scratchboard technique, Flood! echoes to Lynd Ward and Frans Masereel’s work and to their woodcut graphic novels. Drooker underlines the relation between The Great Depression of the 30’s and Reagan and Bush’s time. With a silent voice, the narration mixes poetry, fantasy and social critic, creating a universal portrait of New York.

Supported by Art Spiegelman, Neil Gaiman and Allen Ginsberg, Flood! knew quite a success when it was first published in 1992, and received an American Book Award.

Eric Drooker is the author of Blood Song and Illuminated Poems, in association with Allen Ginsberg. He is also a painter, an illustrator and he is well known for his covers for The New Yorker.

Flood!, illustration

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