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17 x 23 cm
120 pages in full color
ISBN : 9782848410739
Published in October 2023, in stock
20 €


by Dr. Alderete

Translated from the Spanish by Fabien Thévenot

Catalan city build in the middle of a volcanic area, Olot is known to be the only place in the world, beside Easter Island, where a moai statue can be seen. From this starting point, the author brings to light various disturbing phenomenons bound to the city: serial murders, paranormal activities, deviant behaviors or UFO observations. According to Dr. Alderete, Olot is full of bloody pirates, mad scientists and other fans of deviant truths. Put all together, those stories draw a fragmented portrait of a worrying city, witch appears to be cursed. Alternately with colorful chapters, black and white passages put on stage a mysterious and anonymous character, repeating a ritual course between the city and the swampy area along.

In a David Lynch way, Dr. Alderete takes us to a twilight zone with a story halfway between documentary and paranoiac fiction. His thick line and his psychedelic compositions underline brilliantly how unusual events can get into reality…

Olot, illustration

Prolific artist, Dr. Alderete is from Argentina and lives in Mexico. He has illustrated many books, including several ones about Easter Island. Olot is his first graphic novel as a complete author.

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