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17 x 23 cm
120 pages in full color
ISBN : 9782848410739
Published in October 2023, in stock
20 €


by Dr. Alderete

Translated from the Spanish by Fabien Thévenot

Olot is a middle-sized city located in the heart of a volcanic area in Catalonia. It is also reported to be the only place in the world beside Easter Island where a moai statue can be seen. This little-known fact is related to several disturbing and paranormal phenomena that the author of Olot brings to light in this book. According to Dr. Alderete, Olot has more than its fair share of UFO abductions, mad scientists, mass shootings, and preachers of alternate truths.

Put together, these stories draw a jigsawed picture of a disturbing town, at the crossroads of many ominous influences. Between these stories, eerie black-and-white interludes show a mysterious and nameless man walking repeatedly, almost ritually, to the wetlands surrounding the city to feed the creatures there.

Olot is a journey to a twilight zone where every story has a dark twist to it and it is difficult to tell where the documentary ends and where the paranoid fiction begins. Dr. Alderete’s thick line and poster-like, psychedelic compositions brilliantly underline how unusual events can creep into reality.

Olot, illustration

Dr. Alderete is a prolific artist from Argentina and currently lives in Mexico. He has illustrated many books, including several ones about Easter Island. Olot is his first graphic novel as a complete author.

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