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20 x 25 cm
328 pages in full color
ISBN : 9782848410777
Published in March 2024, in stock
27 €

Oh, Lenny

by Aurélien Maury

Pre-order: the 250 first pre-ordered copies will be accompanied with a signed bookplate.

June is a young and hypersensitive woman, full of love for nature and animals. She works at an animal clinic and lives with her partner, Brad. When Brad gets a professional opportunity, the couple has to move to a fancy modern house in a nondescript neighborhood.

While Brad engages body and soul in his new job, June starts to feel useless and can't see a future for herself in this new place. One day, she finds a strange creature in a really bad shape and decides to give it shelter in their basement. This is the beginning of a strange relationship between her and this mysterious being she calls “Lenny”. It turns out funny and sweet, but maybe not entirely harmless…

From start to finish, the story of Oh, Lenny is full of surprising turns that leave open multiples interpretations. First centered around a sort of monstrous, grotesque love triangle, the plot slowly slides into into a horror drama where wilderness, beautiful and toxic as it can be, plays an integral role. With this complex and subtle portrait of a woman drawn in ligne claire style, Aurelien Maury (also author of Le dernier cosmonaute), takes us on 300-page trip on the edge of madness.

Oh, Lenny, illustration

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