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23 x 16.5 cm
96 pages in full color
ISBN : 9782848410746
Published in October 2023, in stock
18 €
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Le dernier cosmonaute
(Nouvelle édition)

by Aurélien Maury

In a small ghost town in the United States, with faded colors and deserted buildings, Larry and Alice drag around their loneliness. He works at an electronic store run by an alcoholic boss, she plays the organ in an empty church. Larry and Alice hang out, but never commit to one another. Trap in his childhood dreams, Larry is passionate about astronomy and stellar journeys. He can count on Teddy, a sententious plush bear, but also his best friend and counselor. Alice dreams about something else: to start a family with kind Larry…

Whereas their relationship begins to be romantic, Larry gets scared of this unknown and frighten trajectory. How can he deal with this new path his life is going trough?

Aurélien Maury switches between funny gentle scenes of the young couple and a symbolic universe where black holes, spaceships and temporal rifts guide this allegorical cosmonaut towards his own destiny.

Le dernier cosmonaute, illustration

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